A Perfect Gift

Conservative, as well as modern theologians, defend the theory of the so-called oral tradition before the Gospels. The gospel writers would have used an oral tradition (with inaccuracies) about Jesus’s deeds as a source for their books. Foundational for this opinion is an expression in Luke’s introduction of his gospel “eyewitnesses and ministers of the word”, but this idiom has a very special meaning.

The ministers or servants of the spoken word were literally people, who offered a special service to the words of Jesus and those who spoke with him. The servants of the spoken word were the professionals who wrote in their reports what Jesus did and said, and who distributed their reports among the bystanders.

These reports from the ministry of Jesus became later the sources for the gospel writers. And yes, we still have access to them. Isn’t that a miracle? This is the untold and real story about the rapid writers of Jesus. 

There are three crown texts, or crown jewels: Luke 1:1–4, 1 John 1:1–4 and Hebrews 2:3–4. The corrected translations form the foundation of the documentation theory about the origins of the gospels. The three diamonds upside refer to the crown jewels and they form the logo of the documentation theory.

As said, it is an untold story. And yes, it is the task of this website to broadcast knowledge of documentation (Gospel Evidence) for those who want to know more.